What is ATG Expo?

ATG is a convention unlike any other you may have attended. Whether you are young or old, male or female, nerd or jock, our goal is to provide an experience where anyone can have fun. We are more than just comics, video games, board and card games, cosplay, and anime; we are live music, tournaments, laser tag, movies, obstacle courses, carnival games, and much more. You can also just chill out leisurely on a couch and watch movies. The number one rule at ATG is “Have Fun”.

What does ATG Stand For?

Our goal is to make ATG mean All-Time Greatest, because we want to provide you with the greatest convention experience you have ever had.

When and Where is ATG Expo 2023?

ATG Expo will take place over 2 days, January 20 – 21, 2024, at the Waco Convention Center, 100 Washington Avenue, Waco, TX 76701.

Hours: Saturday 10AM – 7PM & Sunday 10AM – 5PM

Will There Be An After Party?

Yes! We are proud to be partnering with Putters in Downtown Waco as the host of our After Party! Come join us there from 7pm – 2am on Saturday!

Can Children Attend ATG Expo?

Yes! ATG Expo is for everyone, of all ages.

Is ATG Expo an Event Only for Children?

Not at all! We have great all-ages events, including concerts, panels, events, costumes, tournaments and much more.

Where Can I Stay for the Convention?

There are multiple hotels available nearby. Please see the Hotels section of the website for more information.

Will There be Parking?

Yes! There is lots of parking available, especially FREE PARKING. Parking details are available on the Directions & Parking page.

Are There Places to Eat Around the Convention?

Food and beverages will be available for purchase inside the convention center provided by Savepoint Sandwich Shop. There are also many restaurants in the vicinity of the convention center. See the Area Guide for more information.

What are the Rules of ATG? What are the Prop Restrictions?

The Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, and Social Media Policy sections of the website contain all convention policies; please take some time to read them over. Detailed policies are available on props, weapons, behavior, harassment, reporting, children, photography, dress, and many other topics.

Will There be a Map of Conventions Grounds and Information About Events Available?

Yes, maps and schedules will be available on the website shortly before the convention and at the convention in our handy-dandy program booklets. Some detailed information about specific events will be available in your registration packet in the form of handouts.

I Have Disabilities/Small Children/Medical Conditions, How Can I Manage at ATG Expo?

Check out our Accessibility page for accommodations provided by the venue and information on what to do at ATG Expo if you have disabilities, special needs, are pregnant, or have small children.