Panels & Speakers

Panel Requirements

Make sure your event fits in with one of the aspects of ATG Expo: Anime/Animation, Gaming (all kinds), Costuming, Comics, Physical Arts (including sports and martial arts), Movies, and Workshops. Make sure you do ample research, be prepared on your topic, and have all of your participants ready. Don’t pick a topic/show/workshop you know “a little” about and wing it! Supporting documentation, references from other conventions at which you hosted the panel, and very detailed descriptions are the most helpful for us when we are choosing which panels/events are accepting into ATG Expo’s offerings! Having flexibility in hours also helps us in placement.

Types of Programming

When making your submission, please indicate the type of programming it will be.

PANEL – These are fan discussions, local professional presentations, game shows, improv or in-character performances and other types of sessions typically involving audience interaction (from Q&A to active participation). These sessions are presented in a well-lit room. Some events refer to this type of programming as “live programming”.

VIDEO – These are presentations with more than 70% video, including those with commentary. These sessions are typically presented in a dimly-lit or dark room. This includes MST3K/Riff-style funny presentations over video, AMV or Machinima events featuring mostly video, specialty hosted video programming blocks, or any event that hosts almost entirely video.

ADULT CONTENT – This convention is for all ages. We do not permit any panels pornographic in nature or 18+, if your panel has strong language, it can still be submitted but must have a content warning notification.

You can request to be a speaker/panelist through our contact page.