Dan Kitchen

Dan Kitchen | ATG Expo

Dan, one of the original Activision Game Designers, is a passionate gamer credited with developing and producing over 240 commercially released titles across 25 platforms.  He is renowned for such Atari 2600 retro classics as Crackpots™Ghostbusters™F-14 Tomcat™Crossbow™Ikari Warriors™Double Dragon™Commando™River Raid II™ and Kung-Fu Master™

In 2005 while working as the VP of Development and Licensing at Majesco Entertainment, Dan was critical to the creative development of the film Grandma’s Boy. He helped them acquire various arcade machines such as Dance Dance Revolution and other props, was responsible for two games in development at the time to be used in the movie (Demonik and Eternal Death Slayer 3), was brought on as a set designer to help make the lab look as realistic as possible by decorating it with various game posters, video games systems, action figures, etc., and more.