Matt K. Miller

Matt K. Miller | ATG Expo

Anime fans mostly know Matt as the English voice of Tenchi Masaki in the four series and three TENCHI-MUYO movies, (not to mention the PRETTY SAMMY spin-off series), but his credits also include Pretz in FINAL FANTASY I & II, Sirius in DRAGON SLAYER, Tenku in TWILIGHT OF THE DARK MASTER, as well as roles in TRIGUN, GUNDAM I, II & III, FIST OF THE NORTH STAR, HURRICANE POLYMAR, and BIO-HUNTERS to name just a few. Feature films include THE DOG OF FLANDERS, ALEXANDER THE GREAT, and, most proudly, three of the Miyazaki greats, KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE, CASTLE IN THE SKY, and PRINCESS MONONOKE, starring Minnie Driver, Gillian Anderson, Claire Danes and Billy Bob Thornton. Some of the games Matt has voiced are MEDAL OF HONOR: SPEARHEAD and FINAL FANTASY X-2 as Clasko. Original voice-over work includes series for HBO (SPAWN, SPICY CITY), MTV (AEON FLUX), MGM (JAMES BOND, JR.), and movies such as GEN 13 and taking over for Robin Williams as Batty in FERN GULLY II: THE MAGICAL RESCUE. Also a prolific theatre actor, director, and playwright, Matt has appeared onstage around the country with such notables as Cyd Charisse, Alfred Molina, and Sir Ian McKellen.

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